Sakae Forge specializes in the highest quality swords, forged in tradition, and dedicated to the spirit of the samurai.  We offer custom sword services, as well as our own original designs.  


Ron  Chen

Ron Chen was born in Taiwan in 1981.  His father, Paul Chen, had an early interest in swords and custom knife making.  Ron benefitted greatly from his father’s expertise, and from an early age took a great interest in the Japanese sword.  A talented artist in his own right, upon graduating University, Ron decided to apprentice as a sword smith.  He worked for several years at his father’s factory, learning modern and traditional forging skills, and honing his craft.  


Started working with his father, Paul Chen , in China Dalian.  Learning a wide variety of traditional and modern techniques in sword making. 


Studied under legendary sword smith Yoshindo Yoshihara in Tokyo.  Learned the traditional crafts of making tamahagane, forge folding, kobuse forging, and proper hamon technique. 


Returned to Dalian to resume his practice.  Continued to research different forging and heat treating techniques.  Studied metal microstructure and properties, as well as the art and history of the sword.  Having constant access to the facilities at the factory allowed him to experiment and develop his skills.


Received his first certificate from the ABS.


In memory of Bill Moran - the father of modern Damascus steel forging, Ron hand forged a high level quality Persian style Knife by wootz steel.  This was donated it to the Bill Moran Museum at the 2007 Atlanta Blade Show, as a mark of esteem .


Established a work shop in Taiwan to begin his full-time career as a sword smith.  


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