We provide a full range of custom sword services.  You can choose your own fittings, your own blade shape, and your own hamon.  The process generally takes between 3 to 6 months, and we will give you updates as your sword progresses.  


The blades are made by the traditional forge folding process from 1055 and 1095 high-carbon steel.  We also employ the traditional differential heat treating to achieve an edge hardness of HRC 60. 



Measured by centimeters. You can choose from 60cm-80cm to suit your length preference.



 The shaping from the blade-point to the blade creates diverse styles of the blade, this also involves the unique Japanese making-procedure.Most common Kissaki forms/ methods: O-kissaki(Large Point), Chu-kissaki(Medium Point), Ko-kissaki(Small Point)

We can produce a wide variety of styles to suit your preference.



The groove carved into the side of the blade, Bo-Hi has the purpose to lighten the blade while not sacrificing strength.

A distinctive swordsmith can bring out the best refining, gloss and the polishing texture of the Bo-Hi.

A blade with or without Bo-Hi creates different styles and functionalities.

There are various versions for your customized blades:No Bo-Hi,Bo-Hi Single,Bo-Hi Double.



The curvature of the swords, the deepest part of the curve is at the center of the blade., we offer 3 options of sori , large (about 30mm) , middle(about 20mm) , small(about 15mm) .



Hamon is a traditional Japanese way of clay-covered heat treatment. This process can bring out distribution of density for the blade. The density for the tip of the blade is approximately HRC60, and the back of the blade HRC40. This physical structure can effectively distribute the impact of force when cutting.

Hamon shows the combination of beauty and strength for Japanese swords. There are many variations and patterns of Hamon for your customized blades.



Koshirae consists of the decorative metal fittings for a blade, which includes Fuchi kashira, Menuki, Tsuka and Saya. We have various Koshirae for your choices.



Tsuka is made of oak. Coverd by Same and wrapped in silk, cotton or leather ito. We have ways of wrapping patterns for you to choose from. You can choose the length from 30cm to 40cm.



 Saya is made of oak. exceptShirasaya that is used for specific collection, we have also other types of Saya for customization.  

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